Before & After

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16 weeks ago, when starting pt

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Today, 4 and a bit Stone lighter

big thanks to james when I first started with him I was 18 an half stone my goal was to be 15 stone i lost 4 stone I now 14 stone 12 pound big shout out to james for all his help an support to push me to this TOP TOP MAN!!


I’ve never considered myself to be “naturally fit”. When I was younger the exercise I really did was playing football. I was always one of the least fit members of the team and dreaded “fitness” sessions. About 5 years ago I’d had to stop playing football because of knee injuries, I’d put on a lot of weight and avoided walking up stairs because I’d get too out of breath. A few months later we found out that it wasn’t just because of lack of fitness when I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Almost a year of treatment followed (surgery then chemotherapy), by the end of which I had lost 10kg (although I wouldn’t recommend it as a way to loose weight) and I was keen not to put the weight back on.

I decided to start going to the gym (mainly because I’d been paying for membership and hadn’t been using it) but I was only really comfortable using the cardio machines. I added in a bit of Pilates and signed up to a 10km mud/obstacle course. I managed to improve my fitness from barely being able to run 500m to completing the  “Wolf Run”. Even though I was feeling fitter and had started to enjoy exercising I reached a bit of a plateau and that’s when I got in touch with James. Straight away I was impressed with how he listened to my medical and exercise history and took it all into consideration but was still prepared to push me. I’d barely ever lifted a barbell before, but after a few months I was squatting 60kg, deadlifting and doing “proper” press-ups.

Over the last three years I’ve done various challenges (eg cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats, climbing Snowden, climbing the Yorkshire three peaks) and I’ve even managed to strengthen my quads enough to play a bit of football without too many knee issues! James has always provided support and tailored training towards my goals. We’ve had some setbacks (including another operation that meant I couldn’t train for three months) but James has again adapted sessions as necessary. I now feel fitter and stronger than ever and am looking forward to further improvements and setting myself more challenges.



This is steves current progress, Steve started personal training with James from @jmsportandfitness 3 weeks ago, since then he has lost nearly 2 stone in body weight, but more importantly he is physically and psychologically feeling brilliant and is enjoying the journey that he is on, his only regret is that he didnt start the journey sooner, well done Steve and im looking forward to putting up a 3rd pict comparision soon 



After going for a routine blood test, pams are developed severer bruising and internal bleeding, this resulted in muscle spasm, the tendon going extremely still to the point where she could not straighten her arm. Pam came to see James from @jmsportandfitness for help, over a 3 week period using foam rolling, stretching and range of movement training daily routine the arm began to get straighter and the bruising decreased, pams arm is now fully moveable and back to full function 💪, great work pam 😊💯



Aaron came to see James @jmsportandfitness on the 10/8/17 after a year of attempted rehab with a number of other professions, at his wits end being told his hamstrings are on the boarder of snapping of the bone and that he will never play foitball again, this was found to be because if a sudden growth spurt as a youngster in a short period of time resulting in slatters, in the first session we did a steady warm up and range of movement exercises followed by static controlled stretching, foam rolling and PNF stretching, week 1 Aaron was able to get his legs up bit still had a good amount of flexion at the knee joint, Aaron was given a structured stretching program to do daily at home. At the next session we went through a similar routine but included stretchibg in the quads, calfs and lower back, come the end of the session Aaron was able to get his legs nearly straight. The furthest he has ever got them, he has been smiling ever since 😊



Top picture was 2010 ridiculously skinny, very little muscle mass, would have never taken top off in a public place because of the scars, bottom picture 2017 a lot more muscle mass while maintaining a lean and lower percent body fat, a lot more confident, healthy and happy



Well done to my client @calhb81 who has lost 2 stone since September 2016, our next target is to be down to 12 stone by June 2017.


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