JM Sports & Fitness provides a range of services for your needs. Please see below for a list of what we offer:

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Mobile Personal Training

We understand that people find it hard to find enough hours in the day to get to the gym, therefore, we bring the gym to you, training in the comfort of your own home or out in the fresh air in local parks where 100% attention is on you and your progress, the choice is yours, prices form this is £25 + 40p a mile petrol to the location. If you do prefer to train in the gym then JM sport and fitness has an agreement with the fitness factory Birmingham gym. The rate for this service is £25 for a 1 hour session.

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1 hour session for £30
5 sessions for £125
10 sessions for £250
12 sessions for £275


These sessions are paid in advance, please read the terms and conditions link on this site.

1-2-1 Kids Coaching

So you want to be the next big thing, the name on everyone’s lips, with our specialised coaches you can, we can train your child at your own home or local parks whichever suits you. We will also monitor your child’s progression for setting goals and aims to help boost your child’s confidence, watch the video in gallery to see a child we worked with. The rate for this service is £25 for a 1 hour session. 

Training Programs

We understand that personal training is not for everyone and some people just like to train alone, so we are now offering periodised and nutritional programmes to suit your specific goals and needs, providing you with guidance and added motivation. Programmes last for a microcycle of 4 weeks costing £40 for that time frame.

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4 Weeks Training Program for £40
8 Weeks Training Program for £80
12 Weeks Training Program for £120
Nutrition Plans & Consultation

Nutrition like exercise takes 100% commitment, there is really no point in working for hours in the gym to throw it all away with poor nutrition, we offer a full consultation with Skinfold analysis to highlight your fat target zones,, we will map out a training plan to help you through your exercise journey and a Nutrition plan to follow, We will also be offering a full BIA analysis soon. 

Body stats analysis is now available! Contact us for more information.

Sports Coaching Training

So you’re looking to hit the season head on, be the fittest, fastest, strongest team in your division? With our help you can be. Our trainers will guide your team through a full periodised pre-season, in-season or post-season training programme, we cover all sports. For more information on the rates of this service please contact us.

Session Add to Cart
1 Team Sports Coaching Session for £40
5 Team Sports Coaching Session for £200
10 Team Sports Coaching Session for £400
Bride & Groom Package

Getting married is the biggest commitment of your life, and you want to look your best for the big day. We can help you achieve this with our fantastic bride and groom package. Our package includes a full periodised training programme, nutritional support and discounted pictures with one of our partners snap wedding. Contact us for more details.

Beach Body Offer

The summer is over, summer bodies are made in winter, so get your new year’s resolution started early. For the months of November to the end of January only, we are offering you an exclusive deal of 10 sessions for £275 with a free 5 week training programme included. This includes having sessions 2 times a week in order to see results and monitor your progress and give you 100% attention that you deserve.

Post Honeymoon Package

You have had the big day and had an amazing honeymoon, now your back and want to get back into or even start training! Well our post “honeymoon” package is just what you are looking for. The package is as flexible as you like, you tell us how many times a week you want to train, we will come up with a package that is cost effective, quality for money with quality result.

Post Pregnancy Package

So you have just brought a little bundle of joy into the world, but you are looking to get rid of that baby fat left on your tummy or even looking to start training after pregnancy. Well our Post Pregnancy Package is exactly what you are looking for. Our trainers are fully qualified in pre and post antenatal conditioning and will safely and effectively get you the body you want after giving birth. We recommend you start training 6-8 weeks after giving birth so your lumbar spine and abdominal muscles have time to return to their pre-pregnancy position.