Terms & Conditions

JM Sports and fitness has a strict terms and conditions policy due to the high demand of our services.

1) Before any sessions commence participants must fill out a physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q), to determine your current physical condition and whether there are any underlying health problems that requires permission of your GP.

2) If you cancel a session within 24 Hours of that session time we will require full payment of that session.

3) We require no less than 48 hours’ notice if you wish to re-arrange a session. If you are unwell, injured or in severe circumstances then we require notice as soon as possible.

4) We will accept cash payments on the day, cheques to be paid five days prior to sessions commencing.

5) JM Sports and Fitness does not take any responsibility of injury or death when training without a personal training that is not a part of our company, also JM Sports and Fitness does not take any responsibility for injury or death when doing our training programs without one of our trainers present with you at the time.